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I'm Sorry I Haven't A Minute

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Join us as we pay homage to those 2 award-winning Radio 4 comedy programmes, Sorry I haven't a Clue and Just A Minute in what we are calling "Sorry, I haven't A Minute!" Join Slava Budin as host, Mike Payne on the piano and four talented Lytton members who form our panel as we play rounds from the 2 games. Watch them attempt to speak without interruption, hesitation or deviation on a subject of Slava's choosing (for example, "Lytton Players do a better show than The Hitchin Thespians"!) or come up with alternative definitions for words in the round "Uxbridge English Dictionary" (for example, "Norway - Geordie exclamation of surprise"!).

Don't know the shows? Doesn't matter, it's gonna be a cracking night's entertainment for just £5! Tickets available only on the door.

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